Here I am sitting on my front porch singing one of my favorite Okefenokee Joe swamp songs titled;

"Ole' Black Bear"





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 Here is a great new autobiography by my 'alter ego' Mr. Dick Flood!!


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Told in 250 pages this book is the story of one man's nineteen year journey of successes,'almosts' and failures while writing, singing and performing his own original music,and knowing personally and actually working with dozens of America's greatest country music celebrities of the sixties; 'The Golden Era of Country Music'.

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Snake Hunter Snake Talk - (Paperback)
  • Snake Hunter Snake Talk - (Paperback)
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Some folks like to have printed books and enjoy the rich color prints of snakes and their habitat. If you are one of these people, then this version is for you. It is a 210 page soft paperback book and it contains 58 beautiful color photographs of snakes and snake hunters in action.- FREE SHIPPING. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IT PROVIDES SO MUCH INFORMATION FOR ALL YOUNG AND NOVICE REPTILE LOVERS! Link to a great review;

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AUDIO BOOK; "Swampwise Secrets, Songs and Stories from the Land of the Tremblin' Earth!"

An Audio Book with music added!  A colossal collection of thirty intriguing swamp secrets and stories coupled with 42 captivating original Okefenokee Joe swamp songs!  A must for all nature and environmental enthusiasts!

"SWAMPWISE" Secrets, Songs & Stories From The Land of The Tremblin' Earth!  eBook Download
  • "SWAMPWISE" Secrets, Songs & Stories From The Land of The Tremblin' Earth!  eBook Download
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This is a digital download version of the audio book with a total of 30 captivating swamp songs and stories! Guaranteed to please and enlighten folks of all ages. Especially nature, outdoor and environmental enthusiasts. Plus a very special 12 song 'bonus' (vol 4) CD. A total of 4 CDs! This Digital Download version contains 560mb of Songs and Stories from the legendary Okefenokee Joe.

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15 song Classic Country CD
Scroll down to sample & order your copy of these great original Classic Country Songs by Dick Flood aka The Legendary Okefenokee Joe!
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