Read what educators and event co-ordinators have to say about Okefenokee Joe's fantastic edu-taining presentations

“This presentation is an in-house field trip that meets several GPS and QCC objectives for science, social studies and character education. It is an experience that kids will always remember, and use for their entire life.” -Mark Davidson, Principal, East Laurens Elementary, Dublin, GA 

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Okefenokee Joe and friends to your institution. Whether you choose the ‘Swampwise’ presentation or choose ‘Earth Day Every Day’, you will be glad that you have welcomed in to your organization a great storyteller who displays a passionate concern for our environment.”-Brent Crib, Headmaster, Edmund Burke Academy, Waynesboro, GA

“During his 40 minute presentation the children were so attentive you could hear a pin drop. The students were mesmerized by his snakes and information about them. His innovative songs and stories about growing up in the swamps were incredible. Many of our staff members purchased CD’s for classroom use.”-Jan A. Weber, Media Specialist, Roy Allen Elementary Melbourne, FL

“I feel privileged to highly recommend this gifted educator/entertainer to you and hope that you will soon consider adding his program to your school’s schedule. I promise that you will be delighted to have him on your campus.” -Dewey Hulsey, Headmaster, Pinewood Christian Academy, Bellville, GA

“Your presentation here on April 19th was a great success. Students and faculty are still speaking about the relevance of your message. No one will forget that “Everyday is Earth Day”.        -George B. Salimbene, Asst. Head Lower School, Pine Crest School, Boca Raton FL

“You have made appearances at the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic since 1990 and your seminars are very popular with the public. In fact, your seminars have the best attendance of all seminars. I would highly recommend your program to any sport show, school or similar event.-Mary Pugh, Director, The Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, Columbia South Carolina

“Almost 10,000 students benefited from your programs on our school visit days, and their response is overwhelmingly positive.”-Linda Whittington, Museum Events Planner, Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain GA

“One of the things I enjoy the most is to watch the smiles on the faces of the audience, whether youth or adult, as they listen and watch an Okefenokee Joe performance.” -James C. Phenis, Director, Live Oak Migrant Education Agency, Brooklet GA

“…his presentation was outstanding! I would highly recommend Okefenokee Joe and his Earth Day Every Day message to anyone interested in presenting an Educational and entertaining program. If you have any questions that I can answer regarding his presentation at the museum please feel free to call me.”-Marykim Brown, Asst. Director & Education Dept. Coordinator Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science 
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Here's Okefenokee Joe's 'alter ego' DICK FLOOD singing the title song of his new CD  "The Way it Used to Be'

Many more Dick Flood/Okefenokee Joe songs may be listened to at;

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