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JUNE 2024

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David Flood - Partner - Okefenokee Joe Enterprise






    “Growth and progress hack away at 
our wilderness every day

To some this rapid change is great, 
others are dismayed

But we must all take heart for there's 
still time to defend what still remains

Turn, and look around you friend, 
some things haven't changed”


There's adventure in the mountains 
where the grizzly still roams free

And danger mixed with beauty 
off the balmy Florida Keys

Excitement on white water, 
a thrill around each bend

Or roughin' it with a back pack, 
just becoming nature's friend


The wilderness belongs to us, 
it's there for you and me

In its beauty and its splendor 
the way its mean't to be


Canoe a quiet river, 
and as the evenin' sun sinks low

Discover all the magic in a campfire's 
friendly glow

Ride a trail  on horseback, as in olden 
days gone by

And catch that pioneer spirit, 
as history comes alive


The wilderness belongs to us, 
it's there for you and me

May it be there for our children, 
and for eternity

From the tundra of the Yukon, to the 
New York Palisades

From the High Sierra Nevada, to the 
steamin' Everglades


The wilderness belongs to us, 
it's there for you and me

May it be out there forever, 
always wild and free


With God's help we can keep 
it always wild and free


Words & Music by Okefenokee Joe

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          I have camped and hunted in many swamps, and forests all over the world!  The army took me to the far east, and for a while I was stationed in Korea, Japan, and the Philippine Islands.  Country music took me several times to Bermuda, the Virgin Islands, Germany, France, Italy, North Africa, Malta, England, Labrador, Newfoundland, Guam, Japan, Okinawa, South Vietnam, and countless cities, and towns across the US!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself all over the world, and amazingly enough none of those trips cost me a thing!  And to top it all off, I was actually paid to do it!  What a wonderful life, and what wonderful blessings I have received! And I thank God for all of it!

    Although I have always thoroughly enjoyed seeing all those far off places, the great out of doors right here in the United States of America has always fascinated me much much more.  Our mountains, canyons and rivers, our national forests, all of natural America is beautiful, and worth preserving.  Even now, as old as I am, that wonderful feeling of wanderlust has never left me.  No, as one of my songs says, “The little boy in me just won't let go”!  Each spring, I still feel that longing to go in search of something, not really knowing what it is that I'd be searching for.  It's a restlessness that creeps over me like a hypnotic spell, and I still have a hard time fighting it off.

     I guess thats the reason I feel so sad, so helpless when I learn of the ocean being poisoned, or another polluted river, or a mountain being strip mined, or acres and acres of woodlands being destroyed by fire, or some lumber company's chain saws and bull dozers. Nature suffers so at the thoughtless hands of the human race.

     Here in the United States of America the wilderness belongs to all of us.  We the people, and we really need to be paying more attention to what is happening all around us.  THE WILDERNESS BELONGS TO US.  IT'S THERE FOR YOU AND ME.  IN ITS BEAUTY AND ITS SPLENDOR THE WAY ITS MEAN'T TO BE.

~ Okefenokee Joe Enterprise


A most amazing and beloved young lady, Jane Anna Michele Liller, left this earthly realm tragically on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. She was only 13 years old.
Jane was born on September 22, 2010 in Jesup, Georgia, to parents Jason Liller and Darien Flood. After relocating to the Hagerstown area, Jane attended Maugansville Elementary School, where she was known for her signature smile, princess dresses and matching unicorn headbands. Jane loved creative writing and was a student of the arts, so it was no surprise that she was accepted into Western Heights Middle School's Magnet Program for Creative Writing. She also enjoyed sharing her beautiful voice as a member of the WHMS Choir. Her plan was to attend Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, then to attend college to study music.
Jane never knew a stranger. She took a special interest in befriending new students, those who didn't seem to fit in, and especially those who didn't seem to have any friends at all. She was quick to remind others that "everyone needs at least one good friend."
Upon her arrival to heaven, Jane was greeted by a few family members who passed on before her, including her very special "Aunt Sissy", Erica Liller, who preceded her in death three years ago; her great grandaddy, well-known folk singer, songwriter and environmentalist "Okefenokee Joe", Richard "Dick" Flood; and her grandmother "Nanny" Annette Flood, who died only two days before Jane.

Obituary Written by Memaw (Michele Fox)



Okefenokee Joe aka Dick Flood 1932 - 2023

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