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Keepers of the Earth, Shepherds of the Land


Keepers of the Earth, Shepherds of the Land

All across the world humankind must understand

That tho the sword is mighty, the greatest nation cannot stand

Without keepers of the earth, shepherds of the land


Look at what we've done, look how far we've come

The wheels of progress churn constantly

We've reached the point in time, the question comes to mind

Does progress really mean prosperity


Keepers of the earth, shepherds of the land

The abundant life around us was made not by our hand

Protect its fragile balance with all the strength at your command

Keepers of the earth, shepherds of the land


We must give back as we take, discourage greed and waste

Honor mother earth with love and pride

Take great care not to spoil her water air and soil

And she will always be there to provide


Keepers of the earth, shepherds of the land

We must work together, every woman child and man

For there are those among us  who do not understand

Keepers of the earth, shepherds of the land

~ Okefenokee Joe


The following is a transcript from Okefenokee Joe's series of recordings Swampwise Secrets, Songs, And Stories From The Land of the Trembling Earth. This is an excerpt from Volume ONE:


      The Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible tells us of the creation of the earth.  It tells us that on the sixth day of creation man appeared on the earth!  It also tells us that we have been created in the image of God our Father Almighty!  I believe that word image, as it is used in the Holy Scripture, not only means that we have been given the outward appearance resembling God, but we also have been given, at least a part of the inner as well!   We have the ability to understand, and to know certain feelings that the wild creatures have not been given.  I believe that we have also possess the inherent responsibility to make use of those understandings, or feelings.  In other words since we are the only living things capable, we should be giving God's earth the respect, the appreciation, and even the care and attention it deserves!   Bears can't do it.  Trees can't do it  The ocean, the mountains, the wind, the sky can't do it.  Its entirely up to you and me, we humans to do it.

      I interpret what the Holy Bible says about man having dominion over the earth, to mean that we humans should be acting as the shepherds of the land.  And just as a shepherd watches over his sheep, and tends to their every need, that's what we humans should be doing for this earth that we live upon.

      A lot of people agree with me.  And I would venture to say that most of those who do not agree simply do not know, and because they do not know they do not care about the plight of the earth today!

      Maybe enough people are concerned tho, because as I write this, nations all across the globe are holding conferences concerning the environmental predicament the earth seems to be in!    

      When I recorded this song “Keepers of the earth”, I wanted to make the last chorus sound as if the whole world was singing it.  So I bussed six hundred fourth and fifth graders to the high school auditorium in Jesup, Georgia, gave each student a copy of the lyrics, and recorded them singing parts of the chorus with me.  When you listen to this recently re-mastered recording you will surely hear what I mean!

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