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“The author, Okefenokee Joe’s storytelling and songwriting combine perfectly with his incredible voice to bring alive the sights, sounds and history of “The Land Of The Tremblin’ Earth." ~~ "Highly Recommended 2017" ~~ Susan Keefe~~ The Columbia book Review ~~~ 61/2 hours of intriguing Swamp secrets and 42 great original Okefenokee Joe's great story telling songs about his adventurous life & lessons learned in the foreboding wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp. Tales of black bears, alligators and snakes as never told before. Includes the true story of "Swampy the Dog & Skeeter the Cat". Minimum Order six (6) @ $6.99 ea. + $8.00 Shipping & Handling = $49.94 Total Per Each 6 Count Order

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