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                       WHO IS OKEFENOKEE JOE?
Dubbed "a Living Georgia Icon¨ in a book written by Don Rhodes, Publications Editor of the Augusta Chronicle & longest running country music columnist in America, Georgia Public TV's legendary folk hero, OKEFENOKEE JOE, has enthralled and enlightened audiences of all ages for over four decades with his Emmy Award winning "Swamp Wisdom", Original Songs & Stories from The Land Of The Tremblin' Earth, Plant and Animal Lore, and Wilderness Survival Skills.  He has appeared on NBC, CNN, TBS, PBS, GPB, as a guest on many Outdoor TV shows, and was featured in the center of the front page of the Wall Street Journal. He was inducted into the Georgia Entertainer's Hall of Fame in 2008, and in 2015 the Atlanta Country Music hall of Fame!
An audience always loved his stories, his awesome voice filled with "SWAMPWISE" wisdom and humor, his laughter, the songs he wrote, and his exciting, timely informative EARTH DAY EVERY DAY message of understanding, appreciation, and respect for all life in the natural world around us!  Okefenokee Joe has appealed to audiences of ALL ages!  At the age of 85 he retired from his live shows and all the traveling involved. His life is now devoted to writing his memoirs.  He has already written several books that are advertised here on his website!  Here's a link to a review of his autobiography entitled "Swampwise"!  http://www.thecolumbiareview.com/swampwise/


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